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Coolant Filtration System
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Airsys is a leader in Automotive, Steel Process Coolant Filtration Airsys is also the biggest hydrocyclone manufacturer in Asia, and a leading company can supply the basic design.  ; classification, thickening, separation, oil cyclone Airsys has provided innovative solutions to a wide range of Automotive industrial liquid filtration applications. ; central coolant fine filtration, central coolant oil separation(scum),   high/moderate pressure local filter, washing machine filter,   washing machine oil separation, honing coolant filtration AIRSYS commercial cooking oil filtration system marks the 1st market share worldwidely. Airsys offers numerous filtration products for liquid/solid, oil separation. The products include cyclone separator, oil separation cyclone, gravity filter, auto centrifuge, auto pressure filter, floating skimmer
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Filtration Products
Project Engineer I Copylight 2006 Airsys Company All Right Reserved I Tel +82 51 971 6201  I Fax +82 55 333 4127 Email Business type Manufacturing I Business Item Hydrocyclone, Coolant System, Filteration system, Oil Separator, Centrifuge Address . 621-813 250-31, Dongduk-ro 473beon-gil, Sangdong-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyuongsangnam-do, Korea Cert. of Business Registriaton 606-07-95283 l Name of representation An Jun-Hong
Solids Separator Oil Separator Floating Skimmer Auto Centrifuge Auto Pressure Filter Gravity Filter Desander Hydrocyclone Cyclone Separator Oil Cyclone Self Balacing Tank
Airsys’s Solutions
Central Coolant System(Turnkey) Central Coolant Fine Filtration Central Coolant Oil Separation(& Scum) Honing Coolant System Washing Machine Fine Filter Washing Machine Oil Separator High pressure Coolant Local Filter Deburring Slurry Recycling System CNC Machine Tool Coolant Filtration Cooling Tower Water Filtration Steel Rolling Coolant Scum Separation Starch Recovery(Potato Chip Process) Cooking Oil Filtration Food Process Oil-Water Separation (Waste Water Treatment)
Airsys’s Core Process
Pressure Filteration Cyclone Separation Classification Dewatering Screening Skimming Debubbling MicroBubble Pump & Tanks
Airsys’s Core Equipment
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