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Project Engineer I Copylight 2006 Airsys Company All Right Reserved I Tel +82 51 971 6201  I Fax +82 55 333 4127 Email k7po@chol.com Business type Manufacturing I Business Item Hydrocyclone, Coolant System, Filteration system, Oil Separator, Centrifuge Address . 621-813 250-31, Dongduk-ro 473beon-gil, Sangdong-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyuongsangnam-do, Korea Cert. of Business Registriaton 606-07-95283 l Name of representation An Jun-Hong
Airsys was established in 1998 and now has a factory and an office in Gimhae City, Gyeongsannam-do, Korea   Airsys comes second in terms of the production and engineering of hydrocyclones.       It is one of the two companies in the world that is capable of developing geometrical modeling of wet-type cyclones.      Airsys internally develops and produces oil separation cyclones on its own. Airsys is one of the largest suppliers that have supplied filtration systems and solutions to automobile engine makers.       Most of its systems have been adopted by local auto makers as their standard filtration systems. Airsys has retained the largest global market share in the cooking oil filter segment. In addition, Airsys has supplied its filtration systems and oil separation systems to various industries and      currently retained a long list of solutions in these areas.
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An Jun-hong (CEO) Jung Tae-han (Production manager)
Airsys has its head office and a manufacturing facility in Korea and runs a branch office in China where hundreds of cyclone have been shipped over the last 10 years. Airsys has annually exported more than 2 million dollars’ worth of products and won an Export Tower from the government. Major export target countries: China (Automobile, Food, Petroleum), USA (Food), Japan (Food, Steelmaking, Automobile) and South East Asian and South American markets.
Filtering device
Cyclone filter, Oil separation cyclone, Automatic centrifuge, Gravity filter(AGF), Auto pressure filter, Floating skimmer
Coolant filtration system
 Central coolant filtration system, Central oil separation system, Honing coolant system, Washing machine filtration system,  Moderate/High coolant local filter, Washing machine oil separation, and Wet deburring slurry recycling system  
 Cyclone for classification and sorting and cyclone for Solid/Liquid, Oil/Liquid, and Oil/Water separation   : Airsys has retained records of the manufacture of more than 2,000 wet-type cyclone.
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