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Coolant Filtration System
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Service Contact us at the following telephone numbers if you have technical questions or any questions about mechanical failures that you may have met with our products:    In Korea          During working hours (09:00am.~6:00pm.): +82-51-971-6201          Email  :  k7po@chol.com    In China           Branch office : +86 186-2225-9420     
Selection, testing, and supply of filter paper
Our company performs application tests on gravity filters, auto pressure filters, and other types in order for our customers to optimize their filter paper.
Pilot test for selecting filtration system
Our company actively participates in exploratory, experimental projects with the view of conducting tests for, and demonstrating, their applicability and feasibility.  In addition, we prepare test reports and recommend optimal facilities.
Pilot test on hydrocyclone (for Classification, Sorting, and Separation)
Our company possesses an assortment of standard cyclones for nominal diameters, and we also provide application tests on large-capacity models that exceed those of standard systems.
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