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Coolant Filtration System
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Cyclone Separator
Grinding Coolant Filtration (Centralized or Independent Tanks)
Prevents jams of particles from ground stone and extends dressing periods. Consumes no filter paper and requires neither operating power nor operating labor. Furthermore, requires no regular repair or maintenance work. This system is made of abrasion-resistant materials.  Its standard forms are serviceable at 13 microns and 98%, yet still more available at     5 microns and 1GU. This system can be directly connected to the central pipe fed to a machine     : it is warranted for performance at a minimum inlet pressure of 1kg/cm2.
This system is designed for precision filtration of water-soluble coolants used in grinding process.
R engine line
      Inlet          Clean Tk     Collected                                         /concentrated   
An example of improvement in a central grinding process: Vacuum filter -> Gsep
R ENGINE Airsys Cyclone                                   
      Inlet           Clean Tk      Collected                                          /concentrated   
Grinding work at another site
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Grinding Coolant Filtration