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Coolant Filtration System
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Filtration Products
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Airsys has its classification technology and solid/liquid and liquid/liquid separation technology embodied in wet-type cyclones. Airsys is one of the two companies that are capable of developing     geometrical modeling designs of wet-type cyclones in the world. Liner insert type cyclones have a structure that allows for insertion of an     insert of abrasion-resistant material onto the housing whereby the liner canbe     replaced for continuous use. This system enables easy changes in line with particle sizes through the modification     of its components. Liner materials include natural and synthetic rubber, urethane rubber, abrasion-     resistant steel, and ceramic. It also supplies liners of silicon carbide. In general, such parts as feeder chamber, cylinder, and long cone use materials that can provide    cushion in order to deal with impact wear caused by dispersed particles, while such parts as short   cone and apex adopt rigid materials in order to resist the slip wear caused by concentrated slurry.
Classification in wet-type milling     machines Cleaning  of minerals,     ore dressing (gold) Wet desulfurization process Production of abrasives Oil sand Plastic recycling
Classification of polishing agent LCD grinding slurry, cerium Crystallization process, dissolution     & precipitation Ceramic Classification of blasting/grinding slurry Classification in steel milling process Production of abrasives Purification of coolants
Removal of impurities in beverages Removal of impurities in pulp Removal of starch, sand, and     impurities Cleaning of sand and dredged soil Sand-lifting Cleaning of polluted soil Oil-based feedstock
Minerals, Petroleum products, Energy
Electronics, Steelmaking, Automobile, Chemicals,
Food, Sand, Soil
Standard cyclone (with abrasion-resistant liner) 
All-metal cyclone (of high-temp/abrasion   -resistant materials)
Pressure Drop
Crystallization & precipitation (fertilizers, ceramics), removal of fungal cells (lysine)
High-purity carbon black manufacturing process
Wet desulfurization process in power plants (WFGD)
Cleaning of soil and oil sand
Plastic recycling, removal of impurities in ABS resin
LCD grinding, semiconductor package sawing
Wet milling, Steel mill (Classification & concentration)
Cleaning, liftingand classification of sand in sand plants
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